When You Can’t Jump Off the Cliff

Ocean and RocksI have never been a slow mover, unless it involves cleaning. If it involves cleaning I move like a snail. Normally I dive right in and hope it will work out. There is no hesitation, no taking it slow. My mind is made up and I know what I want, so I dive off the cliff and hope the current isn’t to strong.

It is frustrating when something stops you. It’s hard when you can see it and what you see is beautiful and you ache for it, but there are things in the way. I have already done the research. I’ve read up and stayed up planning it all out, but there are events that have to happen before these things can take place. The list isn’t long but it can’t be rushed. There is no making it go by faster, I just have to wait as we accomplish those tasks that will ready us for the current waiting at the bottom of those exciting cliffs.

That doesn’t make right now a time to sit still. It makes right now a time to become a better swimmer. It gives me time to survey the water in search of rocks. It gives me time to appreciate and enjoy the view from the top of the cliff before I enjoy the rush on the way down and swim at the bottom. That is what I am going to do, because even though I can’t dive off the cliff and swim for the beautiful shore yet I can enjoy what I have now before it changes to a different kind of beauty.

Have a g’day,

Gum Tree Girl

Gum Tree Girl

Improving Cleanliness in My Home: phase one

One of my goals for 2014 is to improve the level of cleanliness in my home. With all goals it is important to set little goals. That is what a chore schedule is. A bunch of little goals set up through out the week to help prevent your house from looking like a thief ransacked it.

There are cleaning charts all over the internet that (here, here and here) for you to follow, but I still made my own. I wanted something that would work well with the other things I have got going on during the week. Here it is.

Kitchen and Living Room
1 Load of Laundry

Master Bedroom
1 Load of Laundry

1 Load of Laundry

Hallway and Kid’s Room
1 load of Laundry

Kitchen and Living Room

Spot Cleaning
1 Load of Laundry

And because I will have to post it in my home where I can see it, I made it look pretty.

Cleaning Schedule

Feel free to print it for yourself if you would like. I want to know though, do you have any great cleaning tips? Is there something you do that helps you get motivated to clean? Do you have a song you listen to that helps you get the cleaning vibes?

Have a g’day

Gum Tree Girl

Setting Goals for Our Kids

We only have so many years to teach our kids all they need to know and to give them the experiences we want them to have before they leave our home. As a mother I need to help my kids achieve all of these things. While motherhood greatly involves helping your child survive the day to day, the bigger picture is that we are preparing our children for life and teaching them to be good people. To help me remember this bigger picture I made some goals for my son.

Get him caught up in speech

Ditch the day time diapers

Learn most of the letters, numbers (1-10) and colors

Improve his swimming skills.

are simple goals that I know he can achieve as he transitions from two to three this year. When he is older I will involve him more in the decision making process of what he wants to work on and needs to work on. For now it is up to me and Mr. Handsome to figure out what we think are good things for him to work on.


I LOVE the new year. It is a time to shed the things from last year that weren’t so grand and push forward towards the things that are bound to be great.

This year there are a few things that I am looking forward to most. Amongst them are my husbands graduation and being a slightly materialistic being, the pay raise that accompanies that. Granted, the reasons for wanting the pay raise are mostly not materialistic (adoption and room for more kiddos) so please don’t judge me to much. Of course there are other things that I am looking forward to, like being a better person, or at least more the person that I want. That means kicking bad habits to the curb. I need goals for that. Goals like these.

Improve the Consistent Level of Cleanliness in the House.

Be More Spiritual

Get Healthy

These are my three goals for the year. There are more things that I want to improve in myself / life, but these are the things that I think I need to improve most. There are also allot of things that go into accomplishing my goals this year. Plus, if I keep the list short there is less to focus on which means that I am more likely to attain my goals.

What are your goals for 2014. Is there anything your looking forward to? I hope you are able to pull them all off.

Have a g’day!

Gum Tree Girl

The Time of the Rental Kitchen

I am sure every person who has ever been responsible for preparing the food in their home has a dream kitchen. You all spend a ton of time in there. There are three meals and at least one snack to prepare every day and lets not even mention the D word (not the one that rhymes ham, the ones that rhymes with wishes).

It is my thought that if you are going to spend that much time in a room that it should at least look nice.¬†Unfortunately,¬†as renters, that is seldom the case. It was certainly not the case with our apartment’s kitchen when we moved in. It looked like this.

Yes, not the most desirable place to spend ones time. Also not the most decorating friendly as I am sure my landlord is not the you-can-paint-that type.

Recently I have been focusing on this dilemma. It took allot of inspiration hunting but I came up with a plan, so over the next few weeks I will be sharing the results with you.

Here is a hint of whats to come.

Found via Design Seeds

See you soon,

Gum Tree Girl

Why Not Now?

Hi all.

I had originally planned to wait until I had a house to record my decorating adventures, but then I asked myself why not now (I am decorating after all)?. The reasons weren’t good enough, especially since it could be 2 more years before I get to own a house. That is a long time to wait to launch something that you are excited about.

So, for now, this blog is about making house a home….., even when you’re renting.

Bye for now,

Gum Tree Girl